Sunday, January 20, 2008

Perfect Patriots

The Colts had their chances. The Eagles, Ravens, Giants, Jags and Chargers did, too.

Led Zeppelin was not talking about the New England Patriots when they wrote "The Song Remains The Same", but the song rings true.

The Pats are 18-0 after their 21-12 win over San Diego and are just a Super Bowl XLII victory away from the greatest season in NFL history, maybe the greatest season in professional sports history. It is a forgone conclusion that New England will win the Super Bowl, joining the ranks of the few.

All the aforementioned teams had opportunites to beat the Pats, all failed. The Chargers played inspired and forced Tom Brady into his worst game of the season. Regardless, San Diego could not put the ball in the endzone, limited to four field goals. For New England this was nothing new.

For the Patriots, the song remains the same.

If the offense lags - which it rarely does - the defense comes up big. If the defense is playing poorly, the offense just scores more often. It does not matter the day, the weather or the opponent: the Patriots just want it more and are never tame.

You may love 'em, or you may hate 'em, but you gotta respect them. The Patriots are the best we have seen, and they will prove it again, not coming up lame.

On Feb. 3, the Patriots will carry a familar tune - and garner all the fame.

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Rudedog said...

I don't like the Patriots and I don't have any respect for the team. Has everyone just forgotten that they were busted for cheating at the beginning of the season? Gee...I wonder how they got to be so good? They don't deserve to be playing in the Super Bowl. They should have gotten punished more...they just received a slap on the wrist. -Rudedog