Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Real Hero!...By Thom Abraham

An aging veteran, his game in decline for several years, emerges at age 38 better than ever....yeah, right! Well, I think we've found the genuine article in Green Bay. Oh, I am fully aware we are in the age of Barry and Roger and other late bloomer Boomers, but this guy is the real deal! I know Brett Favre had his bout with Vicatin early on in his career, but to watch this guy perform is what draws millions to sports...Favre's 3 TD, 0 INT, 137 rating in the snow Saturday was punctuated with an old school Favrian moment; the stumbling underhanded flip for a first down, and then playful Brett throwing snowballs at record-setting Ryan Grant. Long live Brett Favre... I'm with Madden on this one!

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Joseph said...

Brett is legend in my book. The last of the great "old school" guys. It's not always pretty. He's not always healthy, actually, barely ever is he healthy. And he has never had the best team of talent around him. Yet year after year, we see him make the guys around him better. We see him make plays that look like they were drawn up in the back yard. And then we see the purity of the game. The fun that he has is so evident. That huge, southern boy smile, through that roughneck face. Throwing snowballs, high fiving officials... He is the best things of the NFL to me. A true football hero. A true football legend.