Thursday, January 17, 2008

Say What?

At first I just blew it off as baseball just being baseball. But the more I think about Bud Selig's three year extension, the infuriated I get! This man has presided over what may be the second darkest time in the sport, only surpassed by the Black Sox gambling scandal of 1919. He canceled a World Series, gave us the longest work stoppage ever, and called an All-Star game a tie.
They knew the game was dirty in the '90's and looked the other way. The owners made money on a dirty game, and Selig is rewarded with an extension. This is the perfect time to take the game in another direction. To get this bumbling idiot out and bring in fresh blood to turn the wave of cynicism that corrupts the sport this country loves. Baseball is cocky and arrogant, and has no problem flaunting it. This extension mocks every last dwindling fan of the game. End the Juiced Era, by ending Bud's reign.


Trey Boro said...

This guy reminds me of a School Teacher I had in High School. He needs to be History and Not The Future of Baseball. Unless every Baseball player that Juiced it up in the past is held accountable. They should get it cleaned up for the present and future. Hey Selig,,,,,The past is the past Dill Weed!!!

Eric said...

selig is only going to continue the steroid era's spotlight. if they brought in a fresh face, they may have sidelined the steroid case in the MLB to ex-players and administration. why keep a dirty administration in office when you can clean the laundry?