Monday, December 17, 2007

Anything we can do to help....

Gunther Cunningham was on The Thom Abraham Show last week and clearly said he was worried about Chris Brown....Apparently the message got to LenDale. This is from Jim Wyatt and Paul Kuharsky in Monday's Tennessean:

"LenDale White felt like his 24-carry, 93-yard day sent a message to Chiefs defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham.
In a Nashville radio interview on Friday, the former Titans assistant indicated he feared and respected Chris Brown, the No. 2 back.
"Their defensive coordinator said he really wasn't worried about me at all, he was worried about the other guy," White said. "So it's definitely great to get in that situation and know you have four minutes on the clock and a couple first downs end the game.""

Hey, anything we can do to help stoke LenDale's fire, we're here for him!

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