Thursday, December 13, 2007

Who Do You Believe?

In the end, you will have to answer the question for yourself. "Who do I believe?" Oh, I know, you've all been fed the Highlights of the Mitchell Report as fact. But the Report is just that; a report, not a affidavit of fact. It really borders on irresponsible to sling mud on players with nothing more than the words of scumbags trying to keep themselves out of jail. And that's all we've really got. Roger Clemens says he's never took the stuff. Ex-trainer Brian McNamee says he injected Clemens.

McNamee has a spotty past, at best, and has a clear motive to bury Clemens. He is a liar of great renown. The other star witness in Mitchell's report is ex-Met clubbie Kirk Radomski, also in the process of softening his sentence by providing as much info to Mitchell as possible. Now, I'm not being naive here, but the fact it, I can't forget what happened in Durham last year with the Duke lacrosse team and wayward accusations. Why is the word of the likes off McNamee and Radomski accepted as gospel, and Clemens word worthless? I gave Barry Bonds the benefit of the doubt until he was indicted for perjury...I've got to give Clemens and the others the same benefit.
As for the report itself, what did baseball get for it's $20 million dollars? "Boy, you've a problem. Better crack down. Be more diligent. Keep testing, and so it year round." OK, thanks for the heads up! And finally, I really do feel for George Mitchell. He must have felt like taking a 2 hour shower after dealing with these lowlifes...
As for Clemens, Petitte and the others...they will be crucified in the Northeastern press and the entire Yankee dynasty of the 90's will be challenged. Maybe Joe Girardi can use this as motivation for the Yanks to go 162-0....

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