Friday, December 21, 2007

How much longer?

You can argue the many merits of the NFL owning it's own network, and competing with it's own TV partners for advertising dollars and fan eyeballs. However, what is undeniable is the fact that Bryant Gumble is the worst football Play-by-player, ever. No, really...think about it...let me know when you've found a worse one. Unprepared, lacking top shelf knowledge, lacking a clear understanding of the game...and those are the pluses! He repeated references to 49ers running back Frank Gore as "Al Gore" aside, Gumble's sheer lack of understanding for what is going on on the field is overshadowed by terrible technique and a stunning lack of football vocabulary. He can't set the formations, refers to the near or far side to "this" side or "over there" and makes no sense when setting the scene. For example, in last night's Steelers-Rams game, Marc Bulger was sacked for a 9 yard loss on 1st down setting up a 2nd and 19. Stephen Jackson then rips off a 13 yard run to make it 3rd and 6. Gumble's call? "Jackson gains back "most" of the yards "he" lost. What? If this was an isolated incident, I'd let that slide, but this is what this clown gives us all night long! Thankfully, much of the country doesn't get the games! Those that do would be wise to tune in geriatric Dick Enberg on Westwood One radio for their audio.


Joe Abraham said...

Agreed! The guy sounds worse than a college radio station call. And I know! I work with one.

TennJeff said...

Ditto, he's worse than Brent Musberger and you have to go some to be worse than him.
Merry Christmas to you & yours.
Tenn Jeff

Anonymous said...

Thank Baby Jesus someone else thinks this way. I can think of no reasonable explanation of why Gumble has a job doing play by play for the NFL network.

Big Dawg said...

Even Paul Koharsky of the Tennessean agreed!

AuburnLT said...

Now that CBS and NBC are carrying the game, the rest of the country can see how bad he is. He is the main reason I won't pay Comcast the extra $5 per month for the NFL network. That and it is a ripoff!