Sunday, December 9, 2007

What Happened?

Sunday at LP Field in Nashville all seemed under control. Sure, it would have been nice to have a few more points early on, but it was now the 4th quarter, and the Titans were cruising with a 2 touchdown lead. The theme of the day was a beaten and broken Philip Rivers. Billy Volek throwing the ball to Titans as if he was still wearing the Flaming 'T' on his helmet. LT not really a factor. LenDale White having his best game of the year, and Vince Young overcoming a couple of terrible throws to make some big plays. But a funny thing happened on the way to running the clock out. All of a sudden the pressure was gone, the receivers were open, and LT was gashing the front 7 of the Titans. The D couldn't get off the field and Philip River dropped a gem on Antonio Gates who had gotten behind rookie Michael Griffin and we we're going to overtime. The Titans had one feeble attempt with the ball deep in their own territory and the Chargers finished it off doing what they do. The Titans tried not to lose, which is the surest way to lose. This one is really a heart breaker. The Titans need to run the table now to have a shot at the playoffs. A season that started with so much promise at 6-2 is now in peril after 4 loses in the last 5 games.


Eric said...

I haven't been able to listen to the show since I made it to work, but I was listening on my way here in the car.

I have a couple of points about the game on Sunday. I was there, and this is what I saw.

I thought it was great after the late hit on Vince by Merriman that the Titans went straight to Merriman's area with White with runs - and won. Good move by Coach Fisher to prove to the Titans that Merriman wasn't as big of a problem as they believed he would be.

We need a big play WR or RB. Sure, Lendale broke 100 yds and got a TD, but those were on 3-4 yd run averages. And one or two good, 10+ yd runs.

Why are the Bills and Browns in the Wild Card hunt? Two answers... Lee Evans and Braylon Edwards (but to not take anything from Anderson). These two can make amazing plays WHEN NEEDED. They are game changers. The Titans have Vince, but no one to help him out in this area. We need someone to scare the defenses we play. Vince makes them nervous with his legs, but they laugh at his arm because our receivers are a joke a lot of the time. And the Browns/Bills both play similar Titans ball... Control the clock, power running, and throw sparingly (even though the Browns are doing phenomenal through the air). That is why the Browns will beat the Titans out of the wild card.

(We need a big name trade... I hear Chad Johnson might be available this offseason. Anyone?)

Lastly, Jeff Fisher needs to give up this "go to a prevent D when we get the lead" strategy. Our defense was beating SD's air and ground game the entire game until we began prevent D. WHY WOULD YOU CHANGE THAT? Our secondary is not good enough to keep a time from driving down the field when we switch to prevent D.

That's about all I have.

Big Dawg said...

Great observations! Couldn't have said it better myself...