Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is it Fixed?

As the Mitchell Report comes out today, we have to ask ourselves what the relevance is. Baseball spent $20 million dollars to tell us the details of just how dirty the game was. Thanks for the reminder. Make sure you keep throwing it in our face; just how screwed up the game is. The only thing baseball fans want to know now is, "Is it fixed?" We know it was phony for a decade. Just tell me you've got it right, now. Spend $20 million staying ahead of the mad scientists and just ban anyone who is caught using. Forever. One and done. They know what's at stake and they'll stop it.
For Baseball's part, they continue this PR Nightmare by continuing to air dirty laundry. When the NFL was on the brink of potentially it's biggest cheating scandal, it gathered the evidence, destroyed it, fined the perp and moved on....quickly. No investigation into how many teams tape opposing coaches. No digging into the past to see if teams did things like sign cut players from upcoming opponents to get the edge. No $20 million dollar report to tell us how screwed up they are (were). Just a good dose of "HOW 'BOUT DEM PATRIOTS!!!!".

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