Sunday, December 2, 2007

Great Irony and a First Look...

LSU v. Ohio St.
Oh, the Irony! Les Miles has to beat Ohio St. to be a National Champion! This match pitches the coach who gets the most from his players v. the coach who gets the least from his. But the guy who gets the least, has so much more and a battle tested crew. Les be damned, the SEC wins another National Championship! The real question here shouldn't be whether LSU belongs in this game; does Ohio St. belong here? I'm not sure they could beat USC or Georgia, or Oklahoma. Such is the fruits of the weak schedule in a weak conference.

Georgia v. Hawaii (Sugar)
Why was Georgia ahead of LSU in the first place? If you believe the Conference Champ has to go if they win, as the voters felt, then LSU should have been there all along. Hawaii? Really? Georgia's in a no win situation, they can only get upset and will get no love if they win the game. If UGA has there heads on straight, they'll blow the Warriors away.

USC v. Illinois (Rose)
Boy, did the Rose Bowl get screwed! USC's historic loss to Stanford cost them a shot at the National Championship, but they don't lose Rose Bowls...and certainly not to Illinois!

Virginia Tech v. Kansas (Orange)
Where's Missouri? The only reason they have 2 losses and Kansas has only 1 is because the Jayhawks didn't have to play Oklahoma...TWICE! Kansas did play Mizzou.....and got WHACKED! It'll happen again in Miami. Stock the buffets, Mark Mangino's on his way to town.

Oklahoma v. West Virginia (Fiesta)
Where's Missouri? Oh, the Mountaineers have to go somewhere since they won the Big Least. This may be the most entertaining of all the games. Oklahoma got drilled by Texas Tech, who run a wide open attack....wait, Pitt beat WVU...Boomer Sooner.

Other SEC games:
Tennessee v. Wisconsin (Outback)
Eric Ainge gets a shot at redemption. UT needs this game. 10-4 is sooooooo much better than 9-5. This will be a nice watch.

Florida v. Michigan (Capital One)
So you boys in blue thought App St. had some speed? Florida will roll as if it was Ohio St.! At least UM has already parked the Carr.

Kentucky v. Florida St. (Music City)
This is a NICE game. Great diversity in the teams. I'm looking forward to being at this one.

Mississppi St. v. UCF (Liberty)
Welcome to the Bowl season, Sly! UCF? What, was Millsaps College booked? Oh, UCF won the Conference USA title! Put a pop knot on 'em, Bulldogs!

Alabama v. Colorado (Independence)
Shreveport. Again. Great.

Auburn v. Clemson (Peach)
I know it's the "Chic-Fil-A", but I'm not going there. Good game, though. Auburn has laid some eggs in the bowls after beating Alabama, and they better be ready here or Clemson will embarrass them.

Arkansas v. Missouri (Cotton)
I found Missouri! Who's coaching Arkansas? Oh, right. Arkansas has great Cotton Bowl tradition....they should go back to the Big 8/SWC/Big 12 thing. We'll take Clemson in the SEC...sorry, wrong blog for that!


Anonymous said...

Auburn lays eggs after beating Bama?

2002 Auburn 17, Bama 7
2002 Capital One Bowl Auburn 13, Penn State 9

2003 Auburn 28, Bama 23
2003 Music City Bowl Auburn 28, Wisconsin 14

2004 Auburn 21, Bama 13
2004 Sugar Bowl Auburn 16, Virginia Tech 13

2005 Auburn 28, Bama 18
2005 Capital One Bowl Wisconsin 24, Auburn 10

2006 Auburn 22, Bama 15
2006 Cotton Bowl Auburn 17, Nebraska 14

They've lost 1 Bowl Game after beating Bama the past 5 years!

Anonymous said...

Facts are stubborn things my friend