Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Championship is Perfection...

I'm not so sure this whole 'Perfect Season' thing is the top priority for Patriots head coach and Nanook of the North Bill Belichick. Unless you define 'Perfect Season' as 'Super Bowl Champions'. Look, no one considers the '72 Dolphins, regardless of 17-0, the best team ever. Not that you could legitimately choose between the '50's Browns, '60's Packers, '70's Steelers, '80's 49ers, '90's Cowboys and this current group of Patriots. The fact is, the only thing perfect is winning it all, not pummeling the also-rans along the way. Having said that, were seeing a different Patriots team in the elements the past few weeks. Mother Nature has done what no mere mortal can and that's slow the Patriot onslaught. For all there winning, the Patriots will get to play twice at home in January before getting to sunny Arizona and Control Freak Bill can't control the weather. A few years ago, when the field conditions were hindering this team, Robert Craft had Field Turf installed during the season! Has anyone noticed a roof going up in Foxboro?

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