Thursday, December 6, 2007

Good Job by Sly...

In a conference dominated by the biggest names in college football....Meyer, Saban, Spurrier, Richt, Fulmer, Tubberville, it's Slyvestor Croom that stands above the pack as the SEC Coach of the Year. And who saw this coming? Oh, I know he beat Florida in year one on the job, but he also lost to Maine...the Black Bears...and not in Hockey! Sure, he went to his hometown of Tuscaloosa and got over on the Crimson Tide and Mike Shula, but everybody in the SEC was doing that! This was going to be the year, year 4 under Croom, that the Bulldogs were going to see some improvement, but after the opening night debacle in Starkville against LSU, I wasn't sure Sly would survive the season! But survive and thrive he did. Singlehandedly wiping out the state of Alabama with a road win at Auburn and a second straight win over the Tide, no coached by the mighty Nick Saban. And then a win at Kentucky, who had beaten LSU, and a stirring comeback victory in the Egg Bowl against rival Ole Miss.
Used to be you got beat by Croom, you got fired. Zook got 'Croomed', then Shula. And this year, we were told before the Ole Miss-Mississippi St. game that Ed Orgeron was safe for another year. Then he got Croomed. Well, you can't fire 'em all! Congrats to Sly and to Mississippi St. for staying the course.

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